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At Stellar Conversations we teach Coaching Skills to people who work with people, to support them to have more impactful conversations.


These 10 tips are short and practical and you can implement them immediately.


Over the next ten days, Emma (our Director of Training) will be sharing coaching tips from our coach training that can be used in everyday conversations.


We won’t be teaching you how to be a coach. We will be sharing lessons from the world of coaching that you can powerfully apply to your workplace conversations.

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Every morning over the next ten days you will receive a short email with a short video with a practical tip.

These are no more than a minute long. We like to get to the point without any fluff!

We encourage you to create a “Stellar Coaching Tips’ folder in your inbox and pop the email in there after reading. You'll have a resource you can return to anytime.

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About Us: 


At Stellar Conversations we teach coaching skills to people who work with people.

Equitable, impactful conversations that create new thinking, insights and enable growth for those we are in conversation with.

We deliver accredited, jargon free coach training both in-house to organisations and  to individual cohorts throughout the year.

We also offer bespoke workshops on coaching skills.

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