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Ethics, Integrity & Transparency Statement

As an ICF Accredited provider, Stellar Conversations Ltd adheres to, and emphasises, the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

The ICF Code of Ethics describes the ICF’s core values, ethical principles, and standards of behaviour for all ICF professionals. Meeting these ethical standards of behaviour is the first of the ICF core coaching competencies.

You can read more about the ICF Code of Ethics on:

Additionally, Stellar Conversations Ltd commits to acting with integrity and transparency. We hold ourselves and our participants to the highest level of integrity and strive to be as transparent as possible by explicitly stating measures being taken to provide and run programs in an ethical manner in the context of adult learning and development. This integrity starts with our programme content, which is underpinned by established theory, sound principles of practice established by the profession at large and ICF principles, and the quality and experience of those who deliver and evaluate learners through our programmes.

We do not believe in using manipulative sales tactics and strive to provide a safe and ethical sales process. This approach is evidenced by the presentation of our programs in online and marketing materials and our ethos of helping potential learners find the right program for them at the right time. We provide fair and balanced information to prospective delegates in order that individuals and organisations can make informed choices about their coach Training provider free of undue influence.

We work to provide fair and equitable pricing for all programs to ensure access and quality of coaching education, including the ability to pay for programs in installments. We also recognise the significant costs involved in training and developing the coaches of the future.