Coaching Skills for Impactful Conversations 

Coaching Skills for Impactful Conversations 


Coaching Skills for Impactful Conversations


This workshop is for organisations seeking to equip their people with invaluable coaching skills, so that they can facilitate impactful conversations. It is for managers and leaders who want to encourage professional and personal growth, ignite innovation and build healthier happier teams.


In today's workplaces the ability to facilitate impactful conversations is key. But we don't always know how to do this. Our Coaching Skills workshop will give the tools required to really enhance the way people  communicate with each other in your organisation. Enhanced communication with coaching skills supports growth for individuals and organisations.


Our workshop offers our Stellar approach to learning coaching skills, it helps create a culture of open dialogue and collaboration. Our training is underpinned by the belief that all conversations should be equitable and inclusive.


Over two hours we will share coaching skills with you that can be implemented immediately, to enhance workplace conversations. 


Why Impactful Conversations?

By adding coaching skills to conversations leaders and managers can:

  • Improve workplace dynamics
  • Build trust and psychological safety
  • Ignite innovation and widen perspectives
  • Facilitate new thinking and growth


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What will you learn?

In this workshop you will learn skills from our wider Stellar Programme. 



  • Outcome-Focused Conversations: Structuring conversations for tangible results.
  • Adopting a Coaching Mindset: Applying a transformative mindset to every conversation.
  • Building Psychological Safety: Nurturing trust for open and honest discussions.
  • Listening: Learn to listen to hear and not just to answer.
  • Tweaking Conversations: To facilitate growth
  • Supporting others: With our ORiON framework.

How you’ll learn

This workshop is delivered over two hours, in-house to businesses and organisations who care about their people's development, and prioritise continuous growth.  


It can be delivered online or in person, depending on your location (we are Edinburgh based).


The training is a mix of teaching, conversations and experiential learning. Participants will receive a copy of our Stellar Method workbook, a great resource to support them in the training and beyond. 


The workshop is delivered in English. Captions available with online delivery. 


Come as you are. Learn as you need.



Who Should Attend

  • Leaders and Managers

  • HR Professionals¬†

  • People Development roles
  • Team Leads
  • People who support people
  • Anyone passionate about transforming workplace conversations

Join us to enhance your professional toolkit and to redefine workplace conversations with the transformative power of coaching skills.

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