Creating  Coaching  Cultures with People Centred Organisations

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Creating  Coaching  Cultures with People Centred 


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At Stellar Conversations we  work with you to create coaching cultures, where innovation, growth and wellbeing are facilitated through conversations that use coaching skills. 

Workplace conversations that leverage coaching skills enable leaders to facilitate new thinking, broaden perspectives and encourage personal and professional growth. 

Coaching conversations are different to everyday conversations. They provide a powerful process that disrupt old thought patterns that limit people and hold them back. They help with new thinking, outcome focused decision making, clarity, goal setting, wellbeing and sustainable growth. 

At Stellar Conversations we firmly believe that coaching cultures are at the heart of organisational and individual progress. 

We offer Coaching direct to your people for impactful, growth based conversations. 

We also train your people with our accredited, evidence-based coach training programmes. These are tailored for forward-thinking, courageous, and purpose-driven organisations.

Organisations who commit to coaching conversations empower their workforce and create Coaching Cultures where impactful and equitable conversations become the norm.


Our Training

Why Coaching?


We are seldom taught to have impactful conversations like this.

To actively listen or facilitate thinking in others. It's expected that we'll know how to do it. But often we don’t.

Embedding coaching into your organisation enables impactful conversations throughout.

These kind of conversations lead to significant improvements and outcomes across organisations. 

We offer fully accredited Coach Training, half day workshops and bespoke packages to suit your organisation.

We also offer executive and leadership coaching so you can experience the power of coaching the Stellar Conversations way.


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