Bringing the power of coaching conversations to people and organisations

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Bringing the power of coaching conversations to people and organisations

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At Stellar Conversations we support people who work with people to have impactful conversations.

Impactful conversations are different to your average conversation. 

Impactful conversations leverage coaching skills such as curiosity, active listening and powerful questions.

These skills help generate new thinking, broaden perspectives and facilitate growth. They powerfully disrupt old thought patterns that limit us and hold us back.

We firmly believe that these impactful conversations lie at the heart of organisational progress.

Our accredited coach training programs are created for forward-thinking individuals and organisations who want to facilitate powerful and equitable conversations.

Conversations that inspire growth, ignite innovation and create brilliant working cultures.

Our Training

Why Coaching?


We are seldom taught to have conversations like this.

To actively listen or facilitate thinking in others. It's expected that we'll know how to do it. But often we don’t.

Training people in coaching skills enables organisation to embed impactful conversations throughout.

These kind of conversations harness individual and team potential and help create a more open and inclusive culture. Coaching conversations can lead to significant improvements and outcomes.

Coaching skills aren't just for professional coaches, they can be used in everyday conversations, creating a coaching culture within organisations.

Are you ready to start facilitating impactful conversations?

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Are you curious about Coaching? Maybe you want to facilitate more impactful conversations at work. To help others gain new thinking, insights and move forward. At Stellar Conversations we teach coaching skills to people who work with people.

Join our webinar to learn more about:

  • What are Coaching Skills 
  • How coaching skills can enable impactful conversations
  • An introduction to our Stellar Coach Programme
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