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Our ICF Mentoring Groups programme with Emma Dempsey will both prepare you for your ACC ICF accreditation application and support your growth and development as a coach.

This group programme includes four group sessions at 1 hour and 45 minutes and two ninety-minute individual sessions per participant. A total of ten hours, as required by the International Coaching Federation.

The ten hours of mentor coaching are required for the following pathways: ACC ACSTH, ACC Portfolio, ACC Renewal and Level 1 / ACSTH.

The groups are kept small for optimal learning, with a max of six coaches per group.

The sessions are not about satisfying a tick box exercise for the ICF.  They are about aligning to set of great competencies, and really embedding them into your practice and growing as a coach because of this.

It is our aim that the group will be a safe, nurturing space to ask all the questions and to make as many mistakes as you need to and to grow from them.

Emma brings her wealth of experience as a Coach Mentor, Supervisor and Educator and creates a warm and welcoming environment for you to do your best learning. You will also have access to an online learning portal with resources that will support your ICF mentoring journey. 

The investment is £1080 (inc vat) paid in one or five monthly instalments.


"I had the pleasure to work twice with Emma: first as a trainer, where she took a group of coaches along the approaches and tips of group coaching and facilitation. Then, as my coaching mentor in my journey towards my ICF accreditation.

Emma is one of the most authentic persons I have worked with and her modelling this makes you feel safe and free to express yourself, explore and grow. She brings her experience and knowledge but in a way that is inviting and is actually helping you to learn. I'd recommend Emma 100%!"

Christos Papaioannou

All group programmes are currently full.

January 2024


On Fridays on the following dates/times:

  • Friday 26th January 9am to 10.45am

  • Friday 23rd February 9am to 10.45am

  • Friday 22nd March 9am to 10.45am

  • Friday 26th April 9am to 10.45am

All dates must be attended. Individual sessions can be booked once on the programme.

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Payment in Full £1,080 (inc VAT)
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