Our Stellar Conversations course book is an integral part of our Stellar Coach training. Each chapter of the book aligns to the units we teach and layers the learning as we move through the programme.  The book is a resource that people go back to often, even after they have completed their training.

We are often told that our book is representative of who we are and how we train.

If you are curious about coaching, our coach training programme or the work we do at Stellar Conversations, then please download Chapter 1 and have a read.

You will learn what coaching is, what we mean by coaching conversations and how we approach and teach coaching at Stellar Conversations.

Collaborate for impact


We combine our experience and expertise to help you harness the curiosity, drive and communication skills of your people. We work with you, as thought partners and collaborators, drawing on the knowledge and brilliance of your organisation to enhance impact.

Organisations work with us not because what they are doing is wrong but because they want to do it even better. Organisations who value leading and learning equally. Organisations who want to create lasting impact. Orgainsiations who want to create coaching cultures and in-house coaching services.

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